3 House in Virgo

If a person is influenced by 3rd House in Virgo, it becomes easier for him to formulate and express his thoughts. In addition, they are distinguished by the ability to correctly formulate the idea and distribute the means for its implementation. Any trip, communication, acquaintance requires such individuals careful organization. In communicating with others, they behave critically and instructively.

People with the 3rd House in Virgo always set themselves realistic plans. To study they are responsibly and consciously. In other people, they are most often attracted by concreteness, factness, and organization. In the first place they always have facts and circumstances, and emotions and emotions are completely rejected.

Realizing that he directs and drives the representatives of this group, they can establish profitable cooperation with them. But with the first disagreements, the risk of breaking up the relationship increases. If the emotional culture of such people is developed at a high level, then they begin to show interest in their neighbor, susceptibility and sensitivity.

Person with 3rd house in Virgo is a neat, diligent student. Attention and concentration in it increases solely by the interest in the subject. In the training of such a person it is important to use a systematic, consistent system of information delivery. His self-esteem significantly worsens from a sense of misunderstanding, an understatement of something, so the teacher should be able to give the pupil as much as possible full, exhaustive information.

As teachers, representatives with this aspect show themselves to be boring and pedantic experts who will force the players to reproduce the information verbatim. Students are able to teach such teachers tolerance, forgiveness and loyalty.

These people are distinguished by critical, analytical and scientific composition of the mind. The decision they take, relying solely on the facts. In critical situations, they are capable of self-control, consistency and activity. Such natures easily learn, go to contact, but in case they manage to cope with feelings of their own inferiority.

In relation to the household, these people always behave politely, keep in touch with their relatives when they leave for "free swimming." The ability to dramatize reality makes them good writers playwrights.

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