4 House in Aquarius

The fourth house in Aquarius means family and home furnishings, always special and all the time changing unpredictably and radically. These people prefer to take their friends at home, and do not go to their homes. Friends, employees and acquaintances who come to the house at any time are an inseparable part of the family life of these people, because the doors of their house are always open to visitors.

In the home of this man, it is not easy to find a retouched, "combed" and orderly corner. True, in the reigning chaos of objects and things, the owner himself is perfectly oriented. The house for this person is just the place where everyone is happy to see him as he really is — free, reckless and spacious.

The life positions of a person with the 4th house in Aquarius are quite extravagant. He relies on the power of thought and its ability to influence the external world. The feeling of religion is associated with unexpected revelations, which take the form of understandable thoughts, undoubtedly coming from above. These revelations are usually accompanied by powerful energy phenomena that leave no suspicion as to the meaning of all that is happening.

In family life — this person is desirable an abundance of ideas, inventions and information. He loves modern household electrical appliances and new musical equipment. With domestic likes to talk about anything, in addition to love, which is not distinguished from friendship. For domestic — such a person is not a dreamer, not a theorist who only occasionally agrees to bear personal responsibility for everything that he does and says. Home and family life of this person is not quite simple. His parental home was significantly different from normal.

And it is not excluded that the parents lived separately from each other or were divorced. This person periodically feels that his home life is not arranged, due to constant changes, incessant falls and ups. Because of this, he is drawn to a more peaceful and harmonious way of life, mainly in old age. In the home he founded, you want to have freedom and do whatever you want, although this is not so easy, because it can cause disagreement with a partner.

This person feels comfortable among the elderly, mostly in youth. He is inclined to make high demands on all domestic people, sometimes he is nervous and sometimes too honest, due to problems in the family. He, in his youth, should learn to deal with nervous manifestations and master the art of achieving mutual services.

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