4 House in Aries

The fourth house in Aries — this means that a person is very aggressive and moreover, so he is attuned to everything that concerns the home of his personal relationships and home life. A house for him is a space for expressing one’s emotions, sometimes quite noisy and stormy. Such people adore the house, so perfect it in its entirety — they get all the best. For example: electrical appliances and household appliances and so on.

Relations with the home are strained, even aggressive and the rules of such a person are extremely clear. To all his convictions in relation to his own life, such a person is extremely subjective and does not tolerate criticism. He quite uncompromisingly refers to his own existence, Hates the bore, the weak-willed and those people who all the most accessible and simple things turn into something unintelligible. Life positions of such a person are extremely active, and relationships with relatives are too straightforward and tense.

The surrounding people perceive the character of people with 4 houses in Aries as very difficult, as these people constantly need support. Without it, they fall into a severe depression or start a scandal. From others need to maintain their beliefs. They just need to develop patience and with all their strength to tame their own quick temper. Only this person can become stronger, because if the force is reunited with consistency, then thanks to energy and will allow you to create almost incredible things.

With a negative development of character, a type of home dictator and tyrant can be formed, angrily screaming at any resistance or disobedience of others. But at a difficult hour, he turns into a defender, who works hard and selflessly for the house to be like a full cup. He experiences deep religious sensations, which fluctuate sharply from experiences and depressions, to brief and rather strong ecstatic states.

All vital positions for these people should be formed taking into account the necessary practical situations or goals that will expose life. They need to try to become more objective, correct and fair. The time of puberty will be very difficult for this person, and he will be very concerned about his condition. Perhaps he suddenly wants to leave his home, despite sufficient affection for one of the parents. It is likely that in his childhood he had to change his place of residence very often, but it was unlikely that he liked it. Constantly feels the lack of love of attention and tenderness.

At an advanced age, he is inclined to quite a diligent economy. On the arrangement of everyday life will spend all his strength, and if not interested in other activities, then over time will become too demanding and unfriendly to the household. Most often such people in old age will not be bored lonely.

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