Asteroids in 4th House

Eros in the 4th House

The forth house is the domain of the family, emotional security and sense of belonging at the very roots of our being. Astrologer Joanne Wickenburg says, if the Ascendant is WHO you are, the IC, and subsequent fourth house, is WHAT you are. Often it also represents what we like to hide from others.

This house symbolizes the external home, the family emotional inheritance, a parent, domestic affairs and the country of origin. When Eros is found in this house the erotic links closely together with experiences of home and family. Eros loves to hide in the fourth house and there may be a secretive approach to erotic love.

Juno in the 4st House

If you have Juno in the fourth house then you may want someone who is more like a housekeeper or decorator than a real partner. Where and how you live is extremely important to you so you tend to wait for wealthy marriage prospects or ones that at the very least have good taste. You may prefer traditional roles in a marriage with the wife staying home and the husband going to work. Homebodies with a Fourth House Juno include Julia Roberts, Milla Jovovich, Cameron Diaz, Ben Affleck and John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

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