4 House in Cancer

The fourth house in Cancer — a man his home life delivers a huge emotional satisfaction. Quite often, he works exactly within his own home and creates everything with great pleasure. Maintains wonderful relationships with all family members and family members. To everything, it is enough tied to affairs of the house. Always supports any family or family traditions. Negatively accepts changes in the home way of life.

This is a religious person, therefore all life and all positions are based on the Most High, therefore, the voice of God for him sounds like a beautiful melody, pouring from the depths of his own soul. He believes that God watches all his inner state and personally influences his life positions. This affects his daily routine.

If the development of character is low, such an individual is formed by concrete circumstances from outside life and by the public subconscious. Such a person even realizes what exactly causes his behavior. In the simple version, it sounds like this: sneak up, quickly grab everything that lies badly and drag it into your hole.

Perhaps the development of selfishness, as an excuse — a thinly developed sensitivity to anxieties, dangers and unpredictability. The development of certain positions must necessarily be carried out for his purposes, which destiny presents individuals and, for the sake of achieving them, a resolute sacrifice and a certain asceticism are required.

The house of such an individual is cozy and beautiful, something like a fairy-tale cave in a certain kingdom — most likely, a sense of security, some kind of isolation from the outside world. Getting here, you feel the fence from external reality. It is impossible to understand family problems here, since they are closely connected with the life of past generations.

A man with a 4th house in Cancer is quite emotional and sentimental, adheres to all traditions. Very much in need of strong kinship roots, although it is likely that at a young age can leave his father’s house. Parents have a moral impact on such a person. There is a possibility of development of some hereditary diseases. It is necessary to pay attention to this!

Such an individual is inclined to take care of relatives and condescends to misunderstandings of a different kind. If there is a choice, then with great pleasure will live in an old parental home. Marriage without love does not interest him, so it is likely that in that case, celibacy can be chosen.

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