4 House in Capricorn

The fourth house in Capricorn means that these people adore that in the house all things lay on the ground. They are very disciplined, organized and orderly. Their home is their personal closed world, which they pay great attention to, and also in which they always put things in order. The family of this man is sober-minded and conservative. All together, family members try to make their investments in the life of society, organizing and ordering the society.

Often these people live in harmony with the established strict schedule of the day and severely adhere to certain rules of the regime, which takes a lot of time and energy for them. In general, they consider their existence in the house as a profitable contribution to the large-scale construction of the society. In everyday life, these people are a little materialistic and conservative. They lead a household, guided by a sober calculation and a sensible mind.

The attitude of a person with the 4th house in Capricorn is often pessimistic. And in accordance with the idea of the need for fulfillment, with great self-denial and patience โ€” difficult and long tasks. In the family life of this person, the impression is formed that nothing and no one guarantees him assistance. The childhood of these people is distinguished by the strictness of education, a sense of loneliness, a Spartan way of life and various kinds of limitations and deprivations.

They are trained from a small age to set realistic goals, confirm and test themselves in their accomplishment. Religious feeling, comes from the depths of the soul of this person, with the true realization of all karmic programs. The motto of these people is: "Anyone who really works and is able to coordinate their activities with the situation will sooner or later reach his goal." In this manโ€™s house, not very cozy and very uncomfortable. Personal asceticism these people often pamper their family (which teaches them how to live in poverty).

Quiet home atmosphere is formed not earlier than 30 years. The family of this man, sometimes lacks his love, which is completely exhausted by his attention to their financial needs. Regardless of all the prohibitions that his father and mother instilled in him, and despite his rather tough traditional education, he is very attached to his mother and home. And this connection can last a long time, even too long. Not inclined to multiple movements and with great pleasure would stay in one place.

He is very proud of his ancestors and is willingly a support, a close environment of people. He is inclined to feel lonely, even being among members of his family. With pleasure, assumes responsibility for family, and they understand that they can rely on him, both in material and in their own affairs. Always something, can add to the profits of your partner, doing real estate trade or doing work at home.

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