4 House in Gemini

The fourth house in Gemini means that such a person likes to travel and often changes his place of residence. Sometimes it is difficult to understand where in fact he lives constantly — either at home, or with his parents, or at the dacha. In his house is a luxurious library.

A man with a 4th house in Gemini likes to exchange his reasoning with his family quite actively, and is engaged in all family affairs quite intensely and enthusiastically. In a home environment — intellectual work is very fond of doing. It matters to him what kind of relationship will be with family members.

In general, relatives close to such an individual are a field of audits of all his ideas, constitute a certain circle in which it is quite possible to speculate or exchange opinions. But his opinion does not change. Life positions are rational, therefore they are more directed to the features of the world order. For a given person, the thought is important in itself, but the interaction with it is not an easy task, because it is generated in the depth of the essence, and then suddenly floats out, taking on the appearance of quite adequate words.

Religiousness of such an individual is exclusively mental, and this does not prevent it from becoming sublime, since communication with the Supreme is highly intellectual. It happens that this person in different situations can pronounce different, completely opposite in their meaning texts, which emphasize his life positions, and can perceive them as confirmation of their positions.

The house has a lot of books, and various magazines, there is always a radio and a TV. His close talkers and clever, and it happens that interferes with deep interaction, it is simply replaced by usual superficial conversations. Everything that concerns family, traditions or relations with parents, relatives — these are all important life components.

These people are interested in family pedigree and are often addicted to genealogy. They can live in several houses at once and it is likely that they were in the care of their relatives when they were young. They are often inclined to change their place of residence and at the same time maintain excellent activity until old age. At home, she simply loves to write and does it necessarily under a pseudonym. Loves lessons, both in literature and in journalism. As a rule, parents, to develop his intelligence, pass on to him many books. This individual is very fond of a variety of violent activities in the life of the family.

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