4 House in Leo

The fourth house in Leo means that the family and the house are the self-expression of such a person. He exposes his home for show and openly shows his life level and his own opportunities and achievements. He takes guests with pleasure, gives gifts and treats. A house for such a person is a matter of pride, like a palace and in it, he is a ruler. I like to demonstrate the achieved standard of living. She loves to arrange in her own home demonstration techniques. In all household affairs invests a lot of strength, finance and personal energy.

The life criteria of a person with a 4th house in Leo are energetic, consistent. He lives with the inner feeling that life is like a battle, and the whole world for him is a battlefield. But it is difficult for him to understand the nuances: who, when and with whom he is at war. The main problem is for him to choose the means by which he wishes to use himself, including the assertions of his own life-setting. He is just deliberately waiting for confirmation of their correctness.

In prayerful meditation with the Almighty, such a person receives a colossal charge of emotion and enthusiasm. This shows him the right way for his future life. All vital positions are often and vigorously manifested outside, both in consciousness and in direct actions. It is extremely important that the process is sufficiently controlled, otherwise the programs of all behavior change. This person will cool logic, like Aquarius.

With a rather low development of character โ€” a person becomes a domestic tyrant. He wants to have constant power over his household, he wants to be afraid of evens the sound of his steps. And from his house there is a feeling of triumph of power and suppression of the life of others.

He loves to organize demonstration techniques, even if he does not have the financial opportunity for this. In the house seeks to have all the best. He always tries to believe in himself, fueling this faith with positive examples. In the parentsโ€™ house there is always a cosiness and a lively, harmonious atmosphere. The head of the family, as a rule, is a strong person, but is inclined to dramatize any situation. Children are very important for such people, and in old age will willingly help them financially. Mother, very bright person in this house. Most often, she continues to be together in the same house, until the very end.

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