4 House in Libra

The fourth house in Libra means — in their own house these people most adore jewelry, beauty and art. Their everyday surroundings are culturally and artistically. They surround themselves with beautiful things, to which they are emotionally and deeply attached. We are convinced that in relations between members of the family nobility and justice must reign, otherwise emotional disturbances and difficulties of equilibrium of the world in the house are inevitable. Their home is cozy and peaceful. His own emotional balance is viewed as a criterion of the effectiveness of diligence in equipping the home.

The life positions of people with the 4th house in Libra are perfectly coordinated with the public understanding and are oriented towards common moral attitudes. The main thing is not what you think, but what people will say. Without the approval of others, this person loses faith in his inner balance and himself. Life positions are rational, rather rude and focused on representations of understood justice.

This person is always busy renewing harmony in different loci of a personal home. And when balance and justice are restored, he sees in this a good intervention of the divine forces. The home of such a person is beautiful, but cool and in all conforms to the standards of society.

In family relations, the idea of justice, responsibility, and a balanced division of labor rules. There is not enough sincerity, intimate emotions and temperament in relations with family. He loves his family and friends very much. She loves her home. The house is needed to achieve stability in emotions.

Such a person likes to live in an artistically decorated and beautiful environment. He is anxious and with effort lingers on the spot. In his youth, it is not easy for him to find peace, prosperity and satisfaction. Often these people in their youth are uselessly moving around the world and are looking for a place where they could stop.

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