Neptune in 4th House

Neptune in the 4th house is placed in the personal space of the horoscope, and represents an individual’s inner feelings; it also has a linkage to the past, family and close relatives. The hazy mist of Neptune surrounds the home, and the early roots of the individual’s life don’t always provide a solid base. The formative years are sometimes coloured by a great deal of confusion and it’s difficult to see a parent in a clear, realistic light. Often, there is a deep, emotional and nebulous feelings surrounding the father.

Sometimes childhood is veiled under a web of confusion and misunderstandings. The fourth house relates to nurturing and security and here the longing to be protected by the unity of life is powerful. A longing to remain in the comforting arms of childhood is another manifestation, and if there are trines to a fourth house Neptune there will often be an all too comfortable feeling of emotional well being. Many times the difficult aspects to Neptune usually mean there is always a nagging discontent at home, and perhaps a feeling that things don’t live up their ideal picture of family, home and nurturing.

Neptune in the 4th house will search for the ideal home, they wish they had, or believe they had, when they were a child. Finding inner peace and a sense of security, serenity and belonging is important to them. Neptune here also shows a deep fragility at the base of the personality and it may not always be obvious in "tougher horoscopes", but it still exists and forms the base of their inner selves. Neptune longs to rise above earthly reality and feel something more uplifting, and shows where we want to feel a deeper emotional connection.

Sadly, the father may be physically absent through separation, divorce or death, representing elusiveness and inaccessibility. There can also be a deep sadness around him, and he may be unobtainable to the person physically and/or psychologically. Usually there is an unconscious over-idealization of this fatherly figure, and on some level a solid relationship with him has been sacrificed. The father may be artistic or held dreams that went unfulfilled. Another possibility is that he might have been experienced as weak or disappointing to us in some way. Sometimes a gentleness and ethereal quality are terms used to describe the father.

This placement of Neptune often shows a sensitivity towards a parent, and the individual may have deep empathy for his suffering. A parent shown by Neptune might describe someone who is ill or addicted to alcohol/drugs, and so the nurturing element is hard to obtain if a parent is caught up in the negative hang-ups of Neptune’s world.

Neptune has a powerful hold on the parent, and the victim/savior archetype also falls close to home, and the individual might have wished they could have saved the parent from suffering. Neptune rules redemption in astrology and the person may have an emotional need to redeem the father. The father may have faced early retirement from his career (opposite 10th) through ill health.

Depending on how heavily aspected Neptune is in the fourth house, there can be soul weariness and depressed feeling in the family home. Often feelings of disillusionment, disappointment or deep sadness surround. Neptune in the fourth house represents the search for a spiritual home and dreams of finding the perfect resting place, away from the demand of reality.

Often it can take some time before the dream the individual holds inside materializes, and sometimes it will always remain a fantasy. With watery Neptune in the “home” they need to watch out for floods, springing leaks and make sure the foundations are stable. Neptune in the 4th house may even have to give up and sacrifice the home. A Neptunian home needs to be a spiritual and restful place, and the dream home can materialize once they have worked through nebulous feelings from the past.

Another thing to watch out for is Neptune’s slippery boundaries and often around deception. They are prone to being gullible, and inviting (out of sympathy or pity) others to stay in their home, be aware of those taking advantage of such kind hospitality. Those who have alcohol and drug problems or illness could mistake kindness and sympathy for weakness and take the individual for granted. Too many great sacrifices can be made on behalf of someone who is inhabiting their personal space.

Sometimes the individual experiences strange, mysterious and even weird events happening at home. Moreover, they may enjoy exploring spiritual subjects, and be absorbed in artistic endeavors, music and inspirational thoughts all from the comfort of their home. Sometimes this placement of other factors agree may be a bit of a hermit at home and it is used as their escape from reality.The real aim of this placement is to feel spiritually secure from the inside and let that feeling fulfill us. The home is merely a reflection of the beauty and tranquillity that exists within.

Neptune in the 4th House

Your childhood was likely complex, likely due to an especially sensitive, absent, preoccupied, or confusing parental figure. Early home life may have been chaotic in some manner, and you might have failed to achieve a strong sense of identity and groundedness as a result. You might long for a stronger sense of home, family, or mothering and nurturing in your life.

This might lead you to create an extended family of sorts that includes non-family and helps you to feel loved and nurtured. Or, you might be a mothering figure yourself, giving of yourself quite freely, and perhaps hoping to receive unconditional love and nurturing in return. If you feel that you often become a "doormat", then it will be important to set some limits. Alternatively, you might have frequent needs to escape into solitude in order to replenish your spirit.

You might isolate yourself from others needlessly or avoid obligations because they overwhelm you. Seeing your family and your childhood in a realistic light may be challenging for you, as you have many dreams and inflated expectations from home and family which can interfere with your perceptions. You might swing from over-idealizing them to impressions that they are far more difficult than they actually are, and in both cases you are going to extremes. Strive to see family clearly.

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