4 House in Pisces

The fourth house in Pisces means that such people like isolation, privacy and choose to communicate with the rest outside the walls of their homes. The house for this person is a place of loneliness, absolutely hidden from prying eyes. The walls of the house give them the opportunity to shut themselves off from everyday worries and social life. Such people often experience serious obstacles in connection with the arrangement of their own home, so they often rent a living space or live in departmental homes.

The home relationship of a person with a 4th house in Pisces is full of silence and ambiguity, and in everything negative, they tend to blame their domestic, demagogically projecting guilt on them. Their favorite position is perceived from the first time — "I wished everyone good, but in that everything is bad, others are to blame."

Feeling of religion comes as a revelation of Divine Love, in addition, man adores the entire universe and of course his innumerable population. In the life of the home, these people are often overly compassionate and sentimental. Over the years, they gradually cleanse the emotional and emotional mud of the psychological atmosphere in their home life, but this purification is often associated with rather unpleasant experiences, tortures of conscience, tragedy of deprivation, separation and disappointment.

With a harmonious development, this person loves to host at home those whom he can help and help. But the truth, he at the same time projects a fault on them for all his failures and always tries to complain about his difficult life. He is not accustomed to putting a rigid framework at home, is not very aggressive and peaceful. But to rely on the rest on it is not easy. Unsuccessful marriage often leads to alcohol dependence, which can be defeated purely magically, for example, by setting itself external specific tasks and goals, supporting the house in order and cleanliness.

Strongly emotionally, it is connected with his family, therefore he is inclined to render services to all domestic, especially in old age. Often, it seems to him that many demanding duties have fallen on him, for which reason he finds it very difficult to live. The existence of an unusual compromising family secret is not ruled out. Sometimes they embrace sadness and sadness, which he can not share with the others, because of what he falls into spiritual loneliness. The personal home plays a big role and is a refuge from the outside world, in which it can make up for the activity lost in external activities.

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