4 House in Sagittarius

The fourth house in Sagittarius means that it is quite significant for this person that the house is cozy, luxurious and spacious, so that everything in it stands and lies on the ground and is not shifted to no avail. The host receives such visitors extensively and generously, but his relations with all members of the family, who spend much of their time with each other in excellent relations, are even wider and more generous.

Family holidays, usually become bright, noisy and spectacular events, raising all neighbors to their feet. This person is constantly concerned about relations with family and tries to strengthen and harmonize them. Relations with relatives are benevolent and kind.

He believes it is right, always to speak only the truth, not paying his attention to public opinion and not embarrassing himself with expressions. He believes that truthfulness justifies the lack of courtesy. Positions in the life of this person are often optimistic and capacious enough, so that they can absorb any limited position and private opinion. In domestic affairs, this person is restless and distracted, but he is full of fighting enthusiasm and energy. He needs to learn to be sober, realistic and attentive in carrying out his internal attitudes to life, coordinating them with projects and plans that have to be realized in life.

The home of a man with 4eh house in Sagittarius, full of enthusiasm and fun, but there is no tediousness and practicality in it at all. True, the vigor and fun of family dynamics, still not able to replace the sensitive understanding of the soul of the neighbor and deep empathy with the partner. To him, the breadth of opportunities and freedom is required in the house, otherwise, he grows dull and looks for another haven. He feels a strong need for others to consider him a magnanimous and spiritual person.

At a young age gets acquainted with the greater world of literature and prefers, in the future to engage in intellectual activity. Parents seek to provide him with a good education and upbringing, based on solid philosophical, religious and ideological principles. For his part, he gets all this without hesitation and considers how something that already belongs to him.

A certain part of life, this person manages to spend on travel either abroad. While abroad, he is prone to feel pride in his native country and lovingly remember his parents and his home. Some period in my life I have to live with relatives close to him. He loves to live in a spacious big house, if only he is allowed a financial condition. In the late moment of his life, he is interested in religion and jurisprudence. Leisure loves to spend at home and is very proud of how he managed to furnish a private apartment.

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