Saturn in 4th House

Fourth house Saturn people are saturated in the search for a meaningful inner experience. A place of comfort, a sanctuary of retreat away from the world is the longstanding lullaby that soothes their psychological complexes and unfulfilled childhood needs. Often, there is an intrinsic impulse to nurture and protect the people in their lives under the weight of tremendous responsibility. There tends to be longstanding fractures in the individual that cause a retreat from the world out of fear of abandonment or repeating events experienced in younger years.

Indwelling needs may be stilted in expression, and the individual may struggle asserting themselves within the home life. The world melts away on the sail through their rich inner world. Houses breathe to them, and they sense the decades of history and the voices of those who slept there before them. They may also want to escape anything that reminds them of their own personal history.

The fourth house imprints in the subconscious, and Saturn’s aggressive desires may erupt through seemingly inorganic causes. The individual may negotiate a cutting emptiness, the tormenting sense something is missing from their life, something that will never be fulfilled. This is like an inner island that feels oceans away, a need they cant even swim to the shoreline of. As a result of feeling invisible, hyper vigilant or unlovable through personal fault, they may eschew emotional affection despite suppressing a deafening scream for devotion.

Home is a great source of analgesia here, and without a stable and pleasant domestic life, Fourth house Saturnians typically feel unsettled and unstable. When denied the solid grounding of ‘home’, the individual is swept away by the influences of Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. They may be apprehensive to move long distances away from their childhood home, or on the contrary, find it hard to maintain a residence for long periods of time.

Either way, the experiences of upbringing operate through both unconscious and conscious vision, and produce a deep resonance on the individual’s psyche. Maybe these will inflame future relationships out of hyper reflexive defense mechanisms or uncontrollable, unexplainable longings.

The fourth house relates to the sub dominant parent, and despite being materially supported, the individual may feel he was emotionally neglected in some way during childhood. This pressures him to search for a place of belonging and a peaceful domestic sphere that will generate the emotional nourishment he feels was denied. The individual tends to benefit from developing self awareness through self psychology and relating back to their ancestral heritage.

They will want to leave a lasting legacy on their own family tree, despite possibly feeling an outsider or outcast. Within their own circle, they are porous in their love and supernatural in protectiveness. There could be no underestimating extremes the Fourth house Saturn person would go to if a part of their domestic sphere was under threat.

This combination relays a twin theme of the sacred parental archetype (Saturn as the dominant parent and the fourth house as the sub dominant), which provides the individual with the ultimate potential to create a nurturing and complete, heavenly home life on this isolated inner island. And it is on this inner island, and the garden they bloom of their own seed that raises the sea and reconnects the hollow emptiness to everythingness.

Saturn in the 4th House

The fourth house indicates the way you relate to your family, both as a child and adult. It indicates your attitude to giving and receiving "mothering" or nurturing. Saturn in the fourth house can limit the nurturing that you yourself are capable of. Your style of nurturing may come across as slightly cold and impersonal. You might remember your childhood as one that lacked warmth and affection.

Saturn’s influence adds a sense of responsibility to fourth house functions. One might feel the need to nurture more than most, perhaps to overcompensate for their own feelings of being neglected. The truth is mothering and nurturing can be fun! Saturn might take away that element of fun and make it a chore. Don’t let that happen to you.

Recognize your style and make up your mind to enjoy yourself! In a broader sense the fourth house extends to community, home town, and country. With Saturn influences, you will choose to be quietly patriotic and loyal.

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