Sun in 4th House

Wooo Nelly do we have some narrow views on what family is! I’m going to dig into what family is in this write up, because our narrow definition of family impacts our capacity to truly understand the 4th house. So you might think that if you have your sun in your 4th house your spotlight will be on your biological or nuclear family. That can be true, you might be one of the people who fit into that concept of family. But for many people family is more complex than that and the 4th house reflects that diversity. Family in the 4th house is really referring to a place of belonging. A place where you feel cared for and safe. A place in your life where you feel the comfort of being accepted unconditionally for who you are.

The 4th house also deals with roots, so it can absolutely be about your biology (the family you were born into) but we are all much older than a single lifetime so family can also mean soul family. It can mean all of your ancestors, from all of your lifetimes. In some cases your family can mean someone you met yesterday, but feel like you have known for a lifetime. So anytime that you build a loving supportive group you are engaging the energy of the 4th house.

With the sun in your fourth your focus is on safety, familiarity, and belonging. You want to belong, be understood and feel safe; so when other people ask who you are you point to the areas of your life where you feel those emotions; you show them your role in your collective. Because the sun is in the 4th your focus is on the group you feel most connected to and most safe with and you will likely work very hard to keep those bonds tight.

You define yourself by who you are to those who are closest to you, by your clan. Sometimes that can mean your family of origin but sometimes that can mean the strong relationships that you have built with friends who feel like family or even extending outward to include neighbours or close coworkers. So the focus in your life then becomes the relationships in your life where you feel a sense of acceptance and belonging.

Your forth house is also about home, which extends beyond family and into the concept of both physical house and your soul’s home, your physical body. So with the sun in your 4th house the energy, safety and comfort of your home is important to you as it relates to the health and comfort of your family. “Home is where the heart is” is a classic 4th house inspired saying.

The home of our soul is our physical body and thus the physical body plays a role in the 4th house. One of the key lessons if the 4th house is blending our water and our earth and finding ways they can both exist and maintain their strength. The 4th house teaches us how to embody the physicality of home and bring the energy of our emotional body into that space to create safety and belonging. Thus, the energy of the fourth is to look at the home of the physical body and bring our emotional body into it; creating safety through expression of emotion, connection and relationship.

4th house sun brings attention to balancing physical and emotional needs both of yourself and of other. Often with this placement you sense of self and self worth is wrapped into how effectively you feel you have created this balance.

Sun in the 4th House

You invest much of your pride and energy into your personal and private life, your home, and your family. Privacy is important to you. You are naturally protective of your family, including your heritage, and of your personal life. Avoid being defensive as you work to build a secure foundation for yourself and the people you love.

Alternate Interpretation: You plan for the "long run" as part of your basic strategy in life. Your life improves with age because your real personality emerges more and more as you get older. You are interested in having your basic attachments and emotional interests taken care of before focusing your attention on anything else. Once this foundation is established you put your energy into satisfying your need for worldly fulfillment. Because you expect life to improve it generally does.

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