4 House in Virgo

The fourth house in Virgo means that these people prefer work only at home or, if possible, arrange so that all professional life does not even go out of the house. This type of person with desire to look after their family, but still, sometimes it happens that bothers with their claims or criticism in dealing with issues.

Such people are energetic and always on the move. Waiting for guests? Hence, this person wants to know the exact amount of financial losses. In all matters, they thoroughly understand, want to diligently study up to the smallest details. If suddenly, something happens to be not in the designated place, they find fault with their home. They tend to cling to any irrelevant details and permanently get stuck in them.

Often such a type, all his life proves to others and himself, his absolute rightness, and all his powers are lost to him. In development, it is necessary to move away from the very idea of consumption of the world — to the idea of an important creation, and the creation of a thorough and sufficiently detailed one. Religious feelings are almost always estimated as a kind of satisfaction with personal achievements and work. This person communicates with the Creator through the forms with which he always interacts during life.

The house of the man with the 4th house in Virgo is always decorated with little things that delight the eye, but there are no useless things here, only purely useful and functional. H about the pantry a lot of unnecessary items, and collected from all edges of the world, just in case. In the fridge there are enough excellent products — the family is not deprived of it. Relations between relatives and friends are sufficiently caring. But there are likely small quarrels or misunderstandings. It is necessary and important — to dry up (emotionally) the mood with energy of all-pervading love, and without it, all life simply loses its meaning and wears out quickly enough.

Childhood of this individual was distinguished by the lack of wealth, but an overabundance of uncertainty or instability. All memories are associated with a sense of loneliness and abandonment. Such a person has a feeling that parents in his childhood did not like him and did not care properly. It is difficult for him to make important decisions, and his life is ready to give to the family and tries to serve her until the very end. Even after serving a term and retiring, such a person continues to work vigorously, because it can allow them to maintain and restore their spiritual youth.

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