5 House in Aquarius

A person who has a 5 house in Aquarius loves communication with interesting people and unusual meetings. Such people choose bright friends as their friends and prefer to engage in unusual and unusual activities for those around them. Such people inherent innate sociability and an active desire to participate both in the life of society as a whole and in the specific collective in particular. Such people have a love of art, most often to something new and avant-garde. Most often these people can creatively realize themselves only in the team, but not alone.

In entertainment, preference is given to noisy and colorful events with many participants, such as concerts, exhibitions of contemporary art. Loving relationships are often fleeting, superficial and impermanent. The lack of strong-willed efforts leads to difficulties in the development of existing talents.

The images of "I" in people with a 5 house in Aquarius are very often directed exclusively to the future. So, a person presents himself as the most ingenious, penetrating, unregistered, etc. But further projects, such ideas often do not go, and remain only unrealized dreams, at best on the level of the role-played. The creation of such illusions, and the ensuing self-deception, often lead to frustration, strong dissatisfaction.

Such people should create an image of the self that allows one to accept the person as he is at the moment. Religiousness manifests itself through an intellectual connection with God, through which a person receives hints and certain signs. In the professional sphere, it can work well with children, the sphere of creativity and those professions where intuition and ingenuity are required.

In a family life, a person can be quite unstable, easily addicted and also easily cool. As for children, their upbringing can be one of the important goals in life for an individual. He gives great pleasure to communicate with his children, developing in them spiritual strength and giving them the right to self-expression and their own originality. The ideals of a free and creative personality in the education of children for such people are priority.

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