5 House in Cancer

People who have the 5th home in Cancer are very emotional and even sentimental about their loved ones. Very carefully treat interpersonal relationships. They love worldly pleasures, often such persons are gourmets and are sometimes inclined to fullness. In relation to others and strangers, they often show friendliness, sometimes even excessive, which outsiders can use for their own purposes. Such people are distinguished by a rather low level of gambling and courage.

Such individuals often seek in their loved ones the role of a defender, a patron. Social roles, in which such personalities get used, are often quiet and not too active. In appearance, moderation is also manifested, there is no vivid desire to stand out.

People with a 5 house in Cancer can often be fairly vulnerable and very susceptible to negative criticism. With a harmonious development in the image of the "I" arise such traits as kindness, caring sensitivity. A high level of empathy and empathy in relation to others develops. With the negative development of the self of the image, a person becomes either someone who manipulates, or he himself easily lends itself to manipulation of others. These people are often quite religious and spiritual.

Experiences are particularly deep. There may be a certain inconsistency in emotional relationships, a tendency and need for explicit changes. Nevertheless, the concentration of sympathy and love on one person, attitude to it with love and warmth are peculiar.

Such people are often dreamers, with pronounced creative talents. Of them, talented musicians and artists are obtained. To create something new, such personalities prefer alone and at night, when nothing is distracting.

Special attention such people give to the family. They are very caring both for their partner and for their children. Such people in family life show softness of character, not criticality and indulge their loved ones in everything. Great preference is given to family rest and friendship by families.

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