5 House in Capricorn

People who have a 5th house in Capricorn, have a high level of pedantry and stiffness, especially when it comes to courtship. Despite external coldness and detachment, internally such people can be quite emotional and can appreciate both creative research and love.

A person with the 5th house in Capricorn negatively treats risk and does not like gambling. Entertainment in such a person is clear, calibrated and logical, such people can not stand the chaos and disorder. Creativity is rarely realized alone, for this, relatives or a loved one are most often attracted. In general, it should be noted that this person is cautious, hardworking and prudent.

Such people often become workaholics, and produce a very serious positive impression of a person whose mission is to work hard all the time. Such people do not like jokes in their direction, especially concerning the choice of personal life path. Failures and failures of such individuals are sometimes too painful, which can lead to a negative development of the personโ€™s life path.

The image of the "I" with positive development tends towards optimism, inflexibility and high level of exposure. Manipulative and managerial abilities can be developed, allowing to effectively direct the work of others. With negative development, such people are characterized by energy vampirism, constant complaints about their life and becoming an inveterate pessimist.

In love, they are very reserved, but at the same time they are characterized by excessive purposefulness. In some cases such people consider their love unhappy, thereby at times dooming themselves to loneliness. There are enough cool in the manifestation of feelings towards a loved one, although this is often a mask, worn by a person for fear of being abandoned.

Religiously, such people are often not satisfied, sometimes they think that God requires more than helps. In the professional sphere of special success such an individual can achieve in the teaching and teaching field, being a strict but effective teacher and teacher.

In the family life differ loyalty. In the education of children is always inherent sense of great responsibility. Strict, but at the same time fair parents, who rarely grow spoiled children.

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