Mars in 5th House

Those born with natal Mars in the 5th House are radiating with flirtatious and charming energy; instilled with a natural seduction and generous creative flairs. Fiery Mars finds a home in Leo’s 5th House and relates to intensified and explosive energies expressed through art, personal expression and generosity.

These individuals are fierce guardians over their independence and require absolute freedom to invoke their exuberance. Mars here are playful, fun loving, outrageous and attracted to all the means that promise pleasure and indulgence - their pulse is also known to be easily palpable, rapid and bounding.

Mars in the 5th House are deeply impassioned personalities and find it challenging to keep their emotional displays under control. Contentment awaits when they find creative and interpersonal outlets for their boundless energy; and many born under this placement love sports, outdoors, nature walks and leading an active lifestyle.

Mars here will pour enormous resources into romance and love affairs; with the influence of marriage often largely influenced by sexual relations. Afflictions around Mars in the 5th House relate to organic heart strain, infirmity around childbirth, sexual indulgence, multiple partners and sudden attachment and relationship breakdown. The 5th House relates to fertility and childbirth, and family tends to be high on the agenda for these individuals; as parents, they gravitate towards sternness and lead by example - hoping to leave a great legacy.

Mars in the 5th House are natural socialisers who revel in the centre stage. Pleasure and satisfaction comes foremost; and they are known to be the life of the party, the ones accruing laughs and applause while holding the glass of champagne. Mars here have a multitude of outlets they can pour their talents into; from theatre to physical sports to music and family nurturing.

Life is characterised by patterns of excess, pleasure, indulgence and relishing in natural amusement. These individuals blend the fiery magic from the battle field of Mars and radiate their energies through the light of the sun, leading many to fall under the hypnosis of their warm flirtatious charm.

Mars in the 5th House

You have a strong love of pleasure, and you tend to directly and perhaps impulsively pursue romance. Many of you are sports lovers, and anything with an element of risk appeals to you or entertains you. You put a lot of energy into the pursuit of entertainment, satisfaction, games, and pleasure. You may be a very active hobbyist. You tend to be very playful and demonstrative, and you could really enjoy putting on a show. You can be very competitive. Your children may be especially active and boisterous.

You are openly affectionate. Like an engaging puppy, you wheedle to get your way. If an old slipper is torn in the process, you know you’ll be forgiven. You shine in physical-contact sports. Your many friends admire you, but relationships suffer because you change partners often. Discipline is a hard, but necessary task-master, if you are to grow beyond the child that is no longer charming, but becomes a foolish adult, clinging to childish ways.

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