Mercury in 5th House

The 5th house rules your hobbies, romantic interests, children, and creative pursuits. What you find most fun and how you have fun can be found by the sign on the cusp and planets within the house. The kind of romantic you are, how you want to be courted, and the people you date and fall in love with are also ruled by the 5th house.

Children are ruled by this house, the personality types and your approaches towards them. What youโ€™re most creative with. what you feel best at creating, falls here as well. Generally, people with planets here (except Saturn) are highly creative people. The 5th house is ruled by Leo and the Sun and is a succedent house.

Mercury in the 5th House

You tend to use your voice, whether written or spoken, as a means of creative self-expression. You can be witty and humorous, an engaging communicator, and a fun friend. You love playing games, especially ones that employ your intellect. You love tricks, jokes, plays on words, and mimicry. You might be skilled at impersonations. Some of you could be clever at lying. You might have a tendency to promise more than you can deliver, or overstate your case. In some way, you are very entertaining with the spoken and/or written word.

Communication and intellectual rapport is most attractive to you when it comes to romance. In some cases, this can indicate more than one lover at once. Curiosity can be a strong motivator for making social and romantic contact. You might also take much pride in your childrenโ€™s intellectual abilities and talents. You would make a good teacher, as you are very curious about how people learn and can come up with many ideas that allow you to teach others creatively.

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