Neptune in 5th House

Neptune in the 5th house often has strong acting ability, and this combination also indicates creative talent. The individual is usually highly romantic, and they can be enchanting and seductive as the siren. There is a longing and willingness to abandon the self and be swept away by love, and those with this placement are in love with love. However, the person has to be careful not to place romantic love on unrealistic pedestals or chase unavailable partners, and they often fall in love with the image of someone rather than the real person.

With Neptune in the 5th house the person may have to examine the glamorous and the illusory nature of lovers, romance, children, and creativity. Neptune here can also manifest in the longing to have a child and to feel totally fulfilled. Neptune in this sphere may also suffer disappointment and disillusionment when lovers or even children fail to live up to their dreams. Various people with this combination get themselves involved in unobtainable love affairs, and they can be extremely easy to seduce. Yet, it is said that through sacrifice and suffering the artist emerges.

It is also possible that these individuals have a child, who is artistically gifted. On the negative side, it is also possible a child slides into drugs and alcohol, or they are sickly and weak. The youngster can be intuitive and sensitive, and they might be impressionable and gentle. Occasionally Neptune in the 5th house may lose a child, and this brings its own particular kind of suffering. Sacrifice may be made on the part of children, and if difficultly and they may feel martyred and turn to the child for salvation.

Where Neptune is placed we feel we want to do something good and pure. Many people with this position have adopted children, and sometimes itโ€™s through the difficulty of having their own child. The need to make some kind of sacrifice is signified here, and these folks can also work with children. There are no boundaries where Neptune is placed, and so it is easy for them to enter into the imaginative and make-believe world of a child.

Neptune in the 5th House

You are an imaginative and creative person with a strong sense of drama. You are inspired by art and feel compelled to express yourself in a fantastic or dramatic manner. You could be an excellent actor. You might also be an especially creative teacher or caregiver, perhaps drawn to helping children with special needs. You have an exceptionally strong need to be appreciated, particularly on romantic and creative levels.

Your love life involves a lot of fantasy, and often your deep need for drama can lead you to see things that you want to see. Your romantic perceptions may not be accurate as a result. You might attract unusual, chaotic, or secretive circumstances in your love life if you are not spiritually content.

You might be attracted to lovers who you feel need to be saved somehow, but you could end up with people who are confused, distant, noncommittal, or dependent. Keeping a high level of drama in your love life is important to you, but it can also be exhausting over time. Finding a balance will be vital - keep your ideals, but try to avoid expecting far too much from ordinary people.

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