5 House in Pisces

A person who has a house in Pisces, has a high degree of emotionality and vulnerability in his relationships with his beloved. There is an extreme sentimentality in love affairs and a high degree of selflessness. At the same time, because of the inherent uncertainty and initial exaltation of the object of their feelings, it often happens that a person is disappointed in their relationship.

Robustness and isolation are often characteristic features for people who have a house in Pisces. The desire to get rid of boring and everyday life often leads to a serious passion for mysticism and occultism, in these spheres, such an individual very often can fully reveal his creativity and be realized properly.

The images of "I" are rather vague and vague. The inherent easy adaptability to various situations that do not require the individual to have clear and simultaneously coordinated actions. Thanks to the created images, the person takes away excessive attention and excessive responsibility.

Despite all this, it is not so easy to influence such people, as it may seem at first glance and this is connected, again, with a rather vague image of oneโ€™s own self. Such people are benevolent, sympathetic and at the same time superficial.

Such a person is senseless to criticize or blame for anything, since to external instruction and criticism a person is fairly indifferent and does not pay any attention to it at times. This is due to the great influence of the masks of the images of I per person.

He is characterized by a very deep and strong degree of religiosity, such a person very often feels a certain divine presence, giving strength and facilitating being. Emotional experiences on religious grounds are as high as possible and often reach a peak. In some cases, such people can become new prophets or messiahs of various cults and religious movements.

In a family life, such a person is sometimes characterized by excessive self-sacrifice. In the upbringing of children, two diametrical situations are possible, depending on the development of the individual. Either the individual can neglect children in every possible way, or, conversely, devote too much time to them, excessively tied to himself. Children in such a family can be good at home and hooligans on the street.

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