5 House in Sagittarius

A person who has a 5 house in Sagittarius is first and foremost a gifted creatively person with a subtle artistic taste, distinguished by brightness and temperament. Such people like big companies, and most of all they like to give luxurious receptions of guests, even if you have to give the last money for this. To the sphere of interests of such people it is often possible to include various philosophical and religious teachings, sports.

A lot of time is given to reading serious philosophical and religious novels and their further discussion with others. Their relationship with the society such people like to over-dramatize, often exaggerating and thickening colors. The images of "I" in such people are very diverse and are characterized by a high degree of energy.

It is worth noting that the person herself rarely treats them seriously, often using them to amuse others. For such people is characterized by protective behavior, which is the result of frequent attacks from others. Despite this, such personalities are friendly, often support other people, always stand up for the weaker and offended.

A person with a 5 house in Sagittarius can very easily change the behavior patterns depending on the current situation. In love, he is passionate and irresistible, but at the same time his feelings can be rather superficial. Such a person can become a victim of his own feelings, subjected to a strong and passionate, but fleeting attraction.

Gambling is very characteristic of such people, very often they become avid gamblers or regular visitors to the casino. Such people are very lucky in almost any field of activity, especially when it comes to sports and finance.

In family life, loyalty to its partners is common, but at times such individuals can get involved in very strange romantic adventures. As for the upbringing of children, such a person wants his child to always have everything — the best, indulging his child in everything. Such aspirations lead to the fact that very often children in such people become too spoiled.

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