Saturn in 5th House

With the fifth house in Saturn, both wisdom and restriction is pulled under Broadway’s flashing lights. The individual negotiates intense feelings of exhaustion and lethargy when it comes to his creativity spells and self expression. The indwelling child may be kept imprisoned, with his deafening screams for release being repressed and ignored.

He may feel a million miles away from sensing his own intimate joy with the pleasures and laughter of life, as if he is watching somebody else experience the moment. The spotlight of the fifth is shadowed by his highly vibrating self resonance, consciousness and inability to dance with his inner jewels. The individual may feel a world of playful and fun loving energies bubbling at the surface, but always feel restricted in portraying them.

The fifth house Saturn person has a natural love of children and young people, and typically follows careers that indulge this facet of life. And it’s through this time he spends around the young that his inner world begins to open up and shine. The individual may experience trouble with fertility and childbirth, where pregnancy occurs later in life or proves troublesome.

The act of parenting provides the individual’s toughest lessons and personal traumas. The relationship with his parents may have been somewhat critical, especially when it comes to art, music and drama and his general expression of being. This critical and direct nature culminates in his longstanding psychological conflict and creative disinhibition. Childhood memories are replayed with the vicious reminders of a strict upbringing with established rules and a regimented education.

More than anything, the fifth house Saturn person wants to be loved. There may be a gaping hole in his chest he feels he can’t fill, as though he is unworthy or somehow defective and unlovable. He may be desperate to feel that soul-saturating, particle shattering love, although he blocks himself and self isolates from these opportunities. The feeling of self-condemnation and denigration he feels soaks through his pores and causes him to detest the person he presents to the world.

He feels they will judge his true self or reflect his own sense of self-contempt. Much to his own frustration, he may eschew romantic involvement. Or Saturn may overcompensate. He may jump from meaningless fling to fling looking for love or proof that he can be adored. In the end the fallacy leaves him running on empty. It is only when he sources the divinity and eternal love that exists within his weathered soul that the love comes. When he creates a world of his own and stands alone, the love pours in like fifth house melting rainbows. The world’s recognition comes when he gives himself recognition.

Saturn in the 5th House

The fifth house is the house of play and self-expression. Saturn’s influences in this house compare in importance to those on the first house. The fifth house is all about spontaneity. Saturn seriously impedes spontaneity. You might be recognized as the "party pooper" or a bad date. Don’t let that happen to you! Individuals with Saturn in the fifth house might find it difficult to "play" or do fun things.

Saturnine guilt and responsibility might make you search for a "good" reason to have fun. All work and no play might stress you out to the point of neurosis. Recognize that you don’t always need a cause to relax and enjoy life. Better still use this influence to your advantage. Get into an activity like raising money for a charity. That way you have a cause and the fund-raising events can be turned into fun occasions.

While dating let your date lead you a little. If your date happens to have a fifth house Saturn then you have nothing to worry about. The two of you may hit it off discussing the ramifications of the ozone layer depletion on your first date. If your date does not have Saturn in the fifth then he or she might have other ideas about ways to have a good time!

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