5 House in Scorpio

A person who has a 5 house in Scorpio is quite secretive and tries to protect his feelings from any external encroachment. It is characterized by excessive risk, from which at the same time, he tries to protect his loved ones. Adventurism in general is a characteristic feature of such a person.

In love relationships there is a high degree of sensitivity and jealousy. Behavior in general is characterized by brightness and impulsiveness of the senses. People with a 5th house in Scorpio have an image of "I" that is often sharp and emotional. Sometimes this leads to a certain entanglement in the image and sincere belief in its "virulence and vindictiveness."

Sometimes the "I" images used can be sufficiently malevolent, withdrawn and suspicious. Due to this, a person can manipulate other peopleโ€™s emotions, and often the behavior of another person. In general, the individual pays much attention to the emotional sphere, sometimes completely ignoring all the others. Therefore, such people should be considered, creating images, that they are needed primarily for the successful performance of a certain function, and not to be elevated or even to be an end in itself.

The behavior in society, the manner and style of these peopleโ€™s clothes is filled with mysticism and some magic. Such people are inclined to creativity, which often has either a profound meaning, or superficially sarcastic jerkiness. In religious and spiritual terms, they are interested in the problem of life and death, the mystery of further reincarnations and transformations. In professional activity such people can reach great heights in the field of sport, science and various intellectual pursuits.

In family life, they may differ in infidelity towards their partners. At the same time, they are excellent parents who are very attached to their children. Any problems arising with their upbringing are experienced very sharply and deeply. Such people are ready for anything, if only their child was happy, at times such an attitude can grow into excessive fanaticism.

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