Sun in 5th House

The 5th house is tradionally seen as the house of casual, short term relationships and children. To expand upon that the 5th house can often be described as the house of creation, pleasure, joy. Steven Forrest describes the 5th house as the house of karmic relationships as well. Many of our karmic relationships fall into other houses particularly if the karma is strong but the 5th house (like all houses pertaining to relationships) definitely speaks to karma….its just a lighter kind of karma. You see we all have lived many lives and we have interactions with other people in all of those lives.

Karma is hugely misunderstood all it means is that our soul desires to experience the fullness of every experience… if we have lived in wealth we must also understand poverty and struggle… and comfort without excess. If we have wounded another we must learn what it feels like to be wounded ourselves. Karma is not a punishment, its the fullness of human experience. So when it comes to the 5th house, it is really light karma that presents itself… perhaps you have had many relationships with the same person in many lives and in this one they reject you after only a few dates… that would be 5th house karma. The completion of your cycle of karma with the one who left you.

Karma in the fifth related to casual relationship could be the person who hires you for your job then leaves, they have karma with you and therefore chose to open the door to this new experience with you but not enough karma to need to share that experience with you. So the fifth house is full of casual relationships, gentle balancing of light karma. Often in a loving playful romantic way… it’s a way to experience a lightness and the pure joy of loving another without building a life together.

Because your sun is here to some extent you gauge your value in the world by how people who you know only casually see you. Your capacity for romance and play and partnership are deeply important to you. You place a great deal of emphasis on acquaintances and see them as being significant in your life. You might also find that you exaggerate the importance of casual relationships in your life and find that you often connect more deeply with others than they connect with you, or that you interpret connections differently than others do.

In addition to being the house of causal relationships this is also the house of children. Which of course is strongest karmic relationship possible in any lifetime. With children and parents the connection is undeniable… they are made from your flesh… you nourish them and watch them grow and trust them to take their place in the world. There is no breaking that karma… even if you don’t connect with them or talk to them it is a bond that is unbreakable… you will always live inside them and they will always live within you. With this sun placement you may well define yourself by the successes of your children or by how they perceive you and if you are a parent you may define yourself by that role. If you are not a parent and you have the sun in the 5th house you may struggle with a feeling that something is missing from your life that there is a void or fear of not having a family.

The 5th house is also the house of creation. It is in the 5th house that we feel the deepest desire to leave a part of us in the world even after we pass away. That something can be a piece of art, literature or music… it can be a company an empire… or it can be a child, grandchildren and the generations that follow. Regardless of what it is, the sun in the 5th house tells us that you see yourself as the legacy that you leave in the world and you are conscious of being forgotten without it. You experience of self is directly related to what you will leave behind.

Sun in the 5th House

You want to be noticed for your unique and special qualities and your creativity. You are happiest when you are expressing yourself in a special way and attention comes your way as a result. You have a flair for drama and/or sports. You are proud of your fun-loving attitude towards life. As you demonstrate your ability to shine, avoid grabbing center stage all of the time. Your happy disposition is enough to get noticed, but do find creative ways to express yourself, as this is the path to true happiness for you.

Alternate Interpretation: With the Sun’s energy in the Fifth House, your personality drive may express itself through adventurous and perhaps speculative ventures. An inner restlessness craves an outlet through social, romantic, and daring action. Pleasure and amusement play an important role in your search for freedom of self-expression. The love motive may also be strong.

The overriding need is for creative expression of your personal powers and abilities. This could be through leadership, art, sport, entertainment, New Age ventures or the use of modern technology. In this search you will cover a lot of ground and a wide range of interests. Children may play an important role in some way.

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