5 House in Virgo

A person who has a 5th house in Virgo, has a developed analytical thinking and special care even for minor details. Such people pay special attention to issues of their reputation, in addition, the likelihood of developing a propensity to moralize is increased, which as a whole can negatively affect the development of close and loving relationships. In love, such a person is jealous and can not forgive. Often represses feelings and emotions, which can negatively affect the development of relations.

Such people do not like to take risks in vain, and before important events and events they prefer to think carefully and analyze everything, including how to properly behave in this or that situation and situation. Such a person is often pedantic, he wants everything to be always carefully thought out and organized, which sometimes leads to strained relations with others. For people with a similar image I am ideally suited for a job that requires careful and detailed preparation and implementation. Then the personality characteristics will not negatively affect both the person himself and the surrounding people.

People with a 5th house in Virgo can get along well in a variety of social roles. But in case of failures a person can easily fall into frustration, consider himself to be worthless, which can lead to the development of neuroses. In addition, a person can get so bogged down in calculating the details of future design and deeds, which may never reach its realization. This is due to the fear of a possible failure.

Such a person is often religious, but for him the strength is, first of all, external attributes, such as, for example, an icon, an incense. Often such people are distinguished by faith in signs and excessive superstition. In a family life, a desire for maximum and excessive organization and order can often be manifested. There can be an obsessive desire to bring everything to perfection, including, relating to the relationship with the partner and the upbringing of children. At the same time, being patient and compliant, such a person can over-dilute their children.

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