6 House in Aquarius

People who have 6 houses in Aquarius are inclined to creative approach in any field of activity. To colleagues show friendliness and prefer informal style of dialogue at work. They love when the workflow is in a friendly, free atmosphere. They take part in joint projects with pleasure, but quickly lose interest to them, if other participants are irresponsible to their duties. At work, conflicts often occur, caused by the unwillingness of such people to reckon with the established hierarchical management system.

This person likes to change the spheres of activity and place of work โ€” sometimes because of the inability to join the team, sometimes simply in search of something new. In their work they show imagination and ingenuity, they like to use high-tech tools. Try to optimize their work with modern electronic devices. They like to study complicated techniques, use unusual tools and keep the atmosphere of unreality of everything happening at work.

A person with 6th house in Aquarius is always ready to give a helping hand to the needy. In professional work, he prefers not to shackle himself with a time frame: his working day is not standardized. Labor activity is often accompanied by flashes of inspiration and insights, which he also tries to apply in his work. True, ideas born in his mind are too fantastic to find application in reality.

But if you deprive him of the opportunity to create something new, he will lose interest in life and may fall into deep apathy. Most of all, he does not accept the standard work, which has strict instructions and a clear plan. He has to adapt for a long time to the real requirements that life puts before him and learn to use his original approach to solve urgent problems. Even if such work is not too exciting, it will bring tangible benefits.

Such people do not remember what they have done and what they have received. With subordinates communicate on an equal footing, they hate to do work that they do not like. Sometimes use unusual ways of maintaining health; in this respect, they should be more consistent and not neglect traditional but effective methods of strengthening immunity.

The state of health largely depends on the mental state. To be healthy for him means to think easily and freely, alternating the balance of the mind with the birth of new unexpected ideas. He works a lot and diligently, which is very proud. However, the workflow does not differ in order and consistency. He wants to achieve high productivity, doing several things at the same time, which often leads to nervousness. Suffers from lack of time. It may well manifest itself in the sphere of activity that interests him.

By nature endowed with the talent of the reformer. He often chooses the work connected with serving the society. Is inclined to charity and volunteer activity. When he does not find where to put his energy, he directs her to attention to oneโ€™s own health and proper nutrition. He should be persistent in finding a place where he could more fully realize his potential. Such people often take a great interest in finding interesting recipes and preparing healthy dishes; sometimes they are also interested in medicine.

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