Asteroids in 6th House

Eros in the 6th House

The sixth house traditionally represents daily routine, work and employment, health of the body and health services, small domestic pets, service in general, tools and gadgets. The common thread here includes the need to establish ritual and routine, through organization, commitment and concern, in the every day life. It also describes the ways and means we accomplish and perfect those daily routine tasks.

When Eros is found in the house of skill development, service, health and daily routine, one may have some finely tuned proficiency when it comes to passionate and romantic love. They may see the body as a vessel that provides for the delights and erotic passions of the beloved and be inclined to perfect their ability to give and receive those delights. They may find the merging and transformation an erotic union offers desirable on a daily basis!

Juno in the 6st House

If Juno is in the sixth house you might not be that wild about marriage and see it as unproductive. This is because people with Juno in the Sixth House tend to be workaholics. They are also more likely to marry a coworker than people with other types of placements of Juno. One of your flaws is that you tend to turn your relationship partners into your servants. You also find it difficult to find someone that you would consider to be your equal. Whoever you marry must support your career totally. Workaholics with this placement include Mel Gibson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tyra Banks, Coco Chanel, Steven Seagal and Aristotle Onassis.

Vertex in the 6th House

You have an attitude of duty, obligation and sacrifice when it comes to heartfelt interactions. Here we often find associations unconsciously based on a medical or religious model of service and sometimes even sainthood. The negative side is the tendency to become hypochondriacal or martyristic to get the love so desperately wanted. There is a need for others to appreciate the sincerity of your intentions, to the daily tasks you execute in a conscientious and caring way and for others to know that your actions, no matter how routine they may seem, are based on devoted love.

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