6 House in Cancer

A person, in whose horoscope the 6th house in Cancer, loves to be part of the collective. Individual activity, he prefers work in a group, concerted actions, is used to treating his colleagues as members of his family. Such a person can hardly tolerate tension in the working relations. He needs to constantly feel his ownership of the solution of the serious task set before the team.

Conscientiously perform their duties to these people helps the atmosphere of stability, in case of sudden changes, they lose their peace. Changing moods directly affect your health. They often complain about the stomach, which is the result of frequent emotional overstrain.

The attitude of the person with the 6th house in Cancer to his instruments is very shaky. He takes a long time to get used to them, but then, having mastered and accepting them as a part of himself, hardly gives them into the wrong hands even for a while. He gives his whole heart to work; perceiving it as something responsible and important, tries to perform its duties as qualitatively as possible. When he does not manage to cope with them, it is hard to fail. Several such cases can well develop in it a complex of professional inferiority.

Disillusionment in oneโ€™s own forces can cause indifference to the results of oneโ€™s labor, which in turn leads to dishonesty and loss of meaning in life. Thus, success in the work has a strong influence on the emotional state of such a person.

He subtly perceives the signals that his body sends him, and at times he suffers from excessive suspiciousness. He feels well, being in a state of equilibrium, when all the organs and systems of his body maintain a state of stability and well-being in him. In this state, he positively perceives the world around him, which appears before him in a bright light. It is not recommended either an overabundance of feelings, or an emotional vacuum. Too bad for the health of too strong negative emotions.

To avoid depression and further destruction of the body, such people should seriously work on themselves, resisting negative influences. They spend too much time on work and career development issues, which does not always bring them happiness, because not any work give satisfaction. In order for the work to like, you need emotional involvement in the process.

They feel good on subordinate roles, but have hopes of raising their material well-being, although this is not very noticeable. They can have a great future in the field of medicine and dietology. A lot of attention is paid to the digestive system. Sometimes there is a desire to do charity.

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