6 House in Capricorn

In professional activity, people who have 6 houses in Capricorn are very responsible. They are aimed at serious career achievements and are very ambitious. In labor, this person is diligent and consistent, demanding of himself and others. He can not stand when his efforts are laughed at. All his moves are calculated, and the actions are carefully planned; he goes forward gradually, but confidently.

A person with a 6th house in Capricorn does a good job even with the most difficult and monotonous duties, can act as both a leader and a subordinate. Has health problems mainly due to mechanical damage and injuries sustained. Perhaps poisoning by poor-quality food, as this person is not used to follow his menu.

Starting to work in any direction, these people are full of pessimism, making hasty conclusions about the impossibility of fulfilling the task timely at the right time. If there is a low development, this belief can become a life style and lead to a parasitic existence. Such people usually keep tabs on all services rendered and received. Working in an atmosphere of joy and positive is not their style. In work, they are ascetic, demanding of themselves and monotonous. Choose a reliable and tested tools, not looking for something new and interesting.

Responsible for their own health. Purposefully go to recovery, faithfully follow all the recommendations of the doctor and in strict order performing all the necessary procedures. They have a small energy reserve, they can quickly exhaust their forces. This often leads to chronic diseases, which they manage to cure only in natural ways and gradually. They have a characteristic feature: the older these people become, the more young and attractive they look. They feel good when their body is in order, that is, it tolerates loads well and is not prone to excess.

Such a person should be moderate in food and other life manifestations. He has outstanding organizational skills and a propensity for highly effective hard work. Can build a good career officer. It is distinguished by phenomenal diligence. In order to feel confident, he needs a constant occupation, through which he could achieve recognition and high social status.

Subjected to chronic diseases related to skeletal disorders, there may be problems with the cardiovascular system. Periods of exacerbation of ailments usually occur in forced downtime. There may be skin diseases. Chances are a lifetime for a routine, uninteresting and boring job. If you can not put your energy into the business, without feeling your own importance and usefulness for others, he may not be able to cope with all his problems and become seriously ill.

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