Jupiter in 6th House

Those with Jupiter in the 6th house find their search for meaning through the mundane, everyday life, work, duties, and routine jobs. It sounds like a mismatch from the start, but this is the individual that can show others that even the little things in life can bring joy and happiness. At times there can be a great struggle between the largeness of Jupiter’s view and expansive nature and the obsessive tidying nature of the 6th house, which could be better explained as the house of inner-order and it is also the house of self-defining.

The sixth house in astrology is similar to the alchemical process, and medicine (6th) was also thought to be aligned to alchemy. Virgo and the 6th house of the horoscope are about self-purification, self-healing, self-improvement and self-knowledge. It is where we work to perfect ourselves and our craft. Furthermore, we also see how our refined skills, techniques, new mastery, honed gifts, and services can help others and it’s a place where we offer our humble assistance. This sphere of life in the chart needs to keep its daily rituals, routine, and repetitive work and we harvest our energy, utilize it, sharpen our tools ready in the name of service.

It is the ordinary things in life that will often lead to something greater for these people, and keeping busy, paying attention to details, being practical leads the individual to his highest growth. The person has a great zest for ordering, and fixing things in their environment, and the work needs to have a sense of meaning and significance.

All of this could be found through service to others, and it could also mean they have a lot of knowledge on health matters, but also warnings do come attached with this placement of Jupiter due to its tendency to over-do, more on the side of overindulgence in food or drink. Both Howard Sasportas and Sue Tompkins mentioned Cancer with his placement more due to the area of something growing and the overproduction of cells and also stating that there was usually a positive outcome.

Work could be a place where things tend to expand quickly, the individual could get the job promotion, or opportunities for work come along. The individual may work in a Jupiter kind of role as a travel agent, educator, publisher, and the job would really need to fill them with a sense of purpose. The work may also involve different cultures, and backgrounds. The daily horizons are expanded, but there may also be a sense of restlessness in the work sphere as Jupiter always sees bigger and better things on the horizon, and the grass is always greener on the other side. The job may need to be one where a lot of freedom is allowed, and also a lot of mental stimulation.

It is difficult to confine Jupiter to a small space; perhaps travel in connection with work would suit the individual. It is the ability to combine the exciting, new experiences, with the meticulous and the honed skills. Work and philosophy, attending to the details while taking the long-view and usually getting things done and also having time for some fun at work. All of this would help balance Jupiter here, otherwise the planet tends to feel imprisoned in the 6th house, and it could result in being careless with the details, and a general impatience with the routine.

It is essentially like bringing the philosopher, truth seeker, academic, or fun-self to work with this placement. It could be in the form of optimism, expansive and creative feelings, with boundless optimism. The person may be a big believer in personal growth and development, and finding success at such a job. Also there is a definite feeling of enthusiasm at work, and the usual routine found in this is expanded so the person may take more than can be handled. It can also be beneficiary to have this position of Jupiter in terms of work and luck and opportunity knocking on the individual’s door.

Wherever Jupiter is placed in the chart, it needs to go beyond itself, exceed itself, and not sit in confinement. Jupiter has a surplus amount of energy and plenitude and always wants to go further. The things Jupiter rules are expansive and the 6th house is where there are a lot more limits being set. Our limits and boundaries are often connected with earth signs and houses as planets that occupy these positions are always concerned with security, and must learn to understand boundaries. When we go from Jupiter to the 6th house we are moving from the infinite to the finite.

Therefore the daily routine needs to be a place of discovery; it can be a place where the individual is willing to help. In the name of service (6th and 12th houses) it was often viewed as a place of sacrifice, self-denial, and giving up pleasure. People had to take vows of obedience, Chasity, and other prohibitions, and the hungers and desires had to be controlled. The 6th and 12th houses are probably not as strict nowadays when someone enters service, unless it’s the religious kind. However, the general feeling still pervades, but Jupiter in the 6th house of the chart can also mean good working relationships, and a positive attitude to the tasks of life.

Jupiter in the 6th House

You have high standards in your business dealings with others, believing that one should always treat others with respect and faith. This may mean missing out on business opportunities in the short term, but others tend to build faith in your honest approach in the long run. You may help those less fortunate than you. Attraction to rich foods may be a problem in your life. You generally take great pleasure in the work you do and in being useful to others.

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