6 House in Leo

The desire for power in relation to subordinates is very characteristic of people whose 6th house is in Leo. From their work they like to receive a return in the form of a sense of their own relevance and significance. They are inclined to take to themselves the merits of people who do not want to advertise their achievements and help others selflessly. In the working environment, they are determined to win leadership, claiming authoritative positions.

They hardly focus their attention on one functional duty, alternating several types of work in one day, otherwise their productivity tends to zero. The state of the body leaves much to be desired. Health disorders often have a psychomotor nature, although often these people simply feign illness to attract attention and empathize with other people. To work productively, they need energy and inspiration. The most suitable for them is activity, where a tangible manifestation of power is possible.

If the energy flow is running low, it is perceived as a complete collapse and the reason for changing the scope of activity. However, it is difficult to master a new working direction, because you need to spend a lot of effort to learn new skills, and people of this kind need unconditional submission. They earnestly defend their labor achievements. They dream of world recognition and worthy encouragement of their work.

It feels good if the energy circulates evenly over the body and good physical potential is felt. Equally bad bear both heavy loads, and periods of inactivity. Both conditions can lead to a depressed state and severe psychosomatic disorders. Miraculous action in such cases have compliments, extolling reviews and even banal flattery.

People with 6th house in Leo work on emotional rise, more often at performance of the certain task they act on supervising positions. In the role of a subordinate feels uncomfortable. Far from always the work brings them the desired satisfaction, which is the cause of permanent neuroses, badly affecting relations with colleagues.

Trying to show his best, he makes every effort to conscientiously fulfill his duties. He pays a lot of attention to his health, there are prerequisites to take seriously the condition of the spine and cardiovascular system. It is necessary to constantly restore vital forces, keeping the energy balance and managing time correctly.

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