6 House in Libra

People who have the 6th house in Libra: they should look for a companion. Success in their affairs directly depends on the presence of a partner. They are excellent at coping with the collective work in everyday services; in work they achieve success when they can count on support and participation from the outside. Work in the team seems to be the best option for them. In general, financial viability is impossible without the participation of a partner.

They can achieve great success in matters requiring courteous attitude, tact and courtesy. Having reached senior positions, these people try to objectively treat surrounding people regardless of rank, communicating with their subordinates on an equal footing. They are very free to eat; the availability of useful products for them is not so important as a beautiful serving of dishes.

People with the 6th house in Libra give much importance to the aesthetic side of the work. Everything they do must look beautiful; The process itself must be aesthetic. Such a mentality and artistry are very much in demand in the acting and diplomatic environment, as well as among architects and art workers. They are graceful and elegant, easily involved in the work process, perform work at ease and easily. Such people feel good when nothing breaks from inner balance and peace of mind. They feel healthy, if their way of thinking does not contradict the accepted rules, that is, the activity of the mind should not go beyond the limits of permitted norms.

An important factor of mental health is social acceptability. If it is not accepted in society, a person falls into despair. Here fresh air and aesthetic needs will come to the rescue. It happens that the rejection of one’s own body, caused by implanting unattainable ideals, can lead to serious psychosomatic illnesses. It is important for such people to realize that their bodies are just a tool that can be used beautifully, and they do not have to answer anybody’s aesthetic demands. Even the most beautiful hand can not always reproduce a beautiful gesture.

When the situation at work leaves much to be desired, they do not seek to establish relations with colleagues, although communicating with them can bring them benefits, and they are always happy to help others. Provided that the work delivers to this person pleasure, he will put all the forces for its successful fulfillment. But routine negates its potential; he urgently needs a change of impressions. It can attract activities that require an individual and purely creative approach. It can be fine art or literature. A disregard for one’s own health threatens with diseases associated with kidney failure.

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