Mars in 6th House

When the will is exerted in the sixth house, amazing things can be accomplished! Mars in the sixth house is determined to do things well. And if it can’t do things well on its own, it will find someone else to do it. But it will get done. Mars’ usual bossy attitude shown here often translates into getting other people to do work and serve.

Mars always feels that it should be served. In the sixth house this is accentuated. However, by creating a team of people are willing to serve, a great deal can be accomplished. Mars also has high standards. So, in the sixth house, it pushes people to do their best work possible.

Although Mars in the sixth house doesn’t create the most giving chart holder as far as caring for others, it can achieve a lot. There is often an aggressive attitude towards maintaining health with a sixth-house Mars. A rigorous physical fitness routine may satisfy Mars’ need to release aggression and be in charge of its own health.

Mars in the 6th House

You tend to work hard, sometimes to the point of exhaustion! You put a lot of energy into your work, and would do best working for yourself or for someone else but independently, as you can quickly become impatient if other members of a team are not working as fast as you.

You are also easily upset with procrastination. You can be very skilled at organizing and re-organizing, sorting, classifying, and analyzing. You put a lot of energy into any job you do, and you can easily become riled up or defensive if someone criticizes or intrudes upon the work that you do.

You are impatient to achieve success. You identify with any project personally, so always do your best. As a team member, you may become frustrated if things don’t go your way. In charge, you expect your workers to share your enthusiasm and put forth the same effort you expend, but will demand the lion’s share of credit. Add the respect of your followers to your laurels by sharing the rewards of your labor. A demanding employer may also be a generous friend.

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