6 House in Pisces

People who have a house in Pisces work selflessly and are friendly to their colleagues. They tend to take on a lot of things that they do not always have the ability to fulfill. This behavior is costly to them. There are attacks of hypochondria and attempts to quit. They do not seek to make a big profit, for them the moral satisfaction received during the work process is more important.

Emotional experiences have a significant impact on the state of health. Not always they adequately assess their capabilities, why they are quickly depleted and can seriously get sick. They carefully monitor their diet, since their well-being depends on it directly. They can achieve success in the field of medicine or psychology. They are not satisfied with a strictly regulated schedule.

A person with a 6 house in Pisces chooses a profession. Usually they are not satisfied with the current state of affairs; they are in the eternal search for their calling. They are lazy, try to avoid excessive workload, shifting their duties to others. It is difficult for such a person to concentrate on the precise performance of his functions: he prefers more creative pursuits. Work has a strong impact on his emotional state, and if he feels negative, his productivity is significantly reduced.

He finds it difficult to get used to work, he does not like to use precise tools. Such a person feels well his body and the condition of internal organs. Good health for him is a clear and well-functioning work of all body systems, providing mobility, flexibility and involvement in the environment. His reserve of power is limited, uncontrolled emotions can lead to stomach ulcers. He needs to increase his immunity.

Such people become successful musicians and photographers. In work and relationships with employees, many pitfalls are possible. In order to relax after work, some creative hobby will be useful. Is inclined to worry because of trifles. Likes to analyze everything and put it on the shelves. Well-developed intuition allows you to achieve success in leadership positions.

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