6 House in Sagittarius

In order to work productively, a person with a 6 house in Sagittarius needs space and a lack of constant control from the outside. He is sure that success in business is impossible, if one does not look at the world with optimism. Entirely immersed in the work, often neglecting their health. There lives a strong confidence in the healing power of a positive attitude and the omnipotence of the strength of the spirit. At every opportunity comes to help others. The desire to be useful to others is very important for productive development.

His demands for freedom in work activity are justified: only in this way can he preserve the energy connection with the source of his inspiration. He believes that serving even one person, serves the whole society. Starts a new job with undisguised enthusiasm. However, to the monotonous uninteresting work, which does not involve imagination and has no prospects, quickly loses interest, preferring to get rid of it as soon as possible and find something more fascinating.

Even with good concentration skills and responsible attitude to their work, such people prefer to pursue several promising directions at once, without limiting themselves to anything. In their arsenal there is a whole set of various tools with which they try to establish energy contact. If they fail, they stop using them. A person loves a relaxed and joyful atmosphere, adores when energy circulates freely and everyone around him loves. In this situation, he is full of energy and is ready to devote himself entirely to serving others.

People with the 6th house in Sagittarius do not care too much about their health, because they do not lack energy, they recover easily and quickly. They are characterized by ill-considered physical exertion, capable of exhausting the body. It is believed that their physical and mental reserves are inexhaustible. When they fall ill, they perceive the illness as a lack of strength or an uneven distribution of energy in the body. They are very fond of their work and try to do it in good faith. Do not mind sometimes and too lazy, love to sleep well.

They prefer activities related to movement. They strive to travel more. The work is accurate and hardworking, but the routine ruins their enthusiasm. They are looking for a sphere of activity that would give them maximum opportunities for constant development and personal growth. They need to develop self-control to overcome cravings for addictions that can be bad for the liver and other organs. There is a predisposition to diseases of the hip joints.

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