6 House in Scorpio

A person with a 6 house in Scorpio works hard and purposefully transforms reality, as this gives him new strengths on the road to success. He likes to implement his own ideas, completely changing the idea and starting everything from scratch. They are the best able to work in the banking sector, as insurance agents and on the basis of forensic science. Such a person is completely given to the working process, at times showing flexibility and resourcefulness. He analyzes all the details in detail and is famous for his talent as a researcher.

His studies are very energy-consuming, both physically and emotionally, that is why it is extremely important for him to feel his own superiority and achieve his goal. Productive work usually stimulates him to further achievements. A comprehensive experience of victory has a beneficial effect on health. Constantly suppressing his desires and aspirations, he runs the risk of seriously ill.

For people with a 6 house in Scorpio, the work process is very important, although it is not always noticeable to others. A disdainful attitude towards work is deeply alien to them; they are trying their best to bring something new into the area of work assigned to them, to promote progressive transformations. If the level of development is insufficient, such a person would prefer to blame the other for failures, than to rush to improve his professional level.

As a result of his activities, the subject of labor itself must undergo changes, otherwise work does not bring satisfaction. His attitude towards the tools is full of interest and distrust: he would like to learn how to use them, but at the same time he is ready to hate them when he does not succeed. He should constantly improve the technological aspect and material base in order to achieve unprecedented heights in business.

He feels great in those moments when he is not engaged in self-discovery and does not yearn for missed opportunities. When the physical and financial side of life is normal, such a person feels healthy. If he develops complexes due to constant failures, they can develop into neuroses, peptic ulcers and other psychosomatic diseases. In order to feel good, he must constantly develop his body and psyche. He has every chance to pull himself together and keep the physical and etheric bodies under control.

Such a person quickly comes back to normal, if he gets enough positive emotions and the opportunity to be alone with himself. The monotony and lack of enthusiasm in the work deprive him of his motivation. In professional work is collected, purposeful, able to work on wear and tear. Heavy loads have a bad effect on health. It is important for him to be able to adjust his working pace to avoid overexertion. However, this does not always work for him. It is not easy to communicate with him because of his inflexibility and stereotyped perception. Often complains of problems with the intestines, as well as the reproductive system.

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