6 House in Taurus

A person with a 6 house in Taurus chooses an activity that brings concrete fruits in a short time. At the same time he is attracted by the aesthetic side of the work, he tries to bring beauty and harmony to his work. Lazy; to attract him to hard work is possible only with high pay; a particularly generous reward can move him even to the most tiring work.

Has excellent health, which can only be undermined by excesses in nutrition and lack of physical activity. To his work he refers to how to build a spacious brick building — no matter how many bricks he did not put, its volume does not get smaller. This person likes classes, the results of which can be seen and evaluated immediately. He patiently and diligently studies the necessary tools and gradually attains high skill in their application.

Insufficient development can lead to the fact that these people often do not cope with their duties and try with all their might to evade them. High development gives the person the ability to work a lot and work to achieve long-term goals. His body he sees as a solid foundation of personal existence.

A person with the 6th House in Taurus needs regular contact with nature, he likes to contact the soil and stones. To achieve peace of mind, he needs a cozy and pleasant environment. For sleep, it is desirable to choose not too soft bed, high-quality massage can bring many benefits. Despite the good physical shape, such a person will always prefer relaxed rest to any hard work.

It’s important not to forget about working on yourself and self-control. Strict discipline will help him cope with the tendency to overweight, it is also necessary for the successful performance of many important tasks. Otherwise, he will go with the flow, not striving to achieve anything.

As a small child, it can be predisposed to angina and laryngitis. During the work process, he always follows his principles and pays attention to any little things. He has established views and is constant in his habits. Others use his benevolence only if they support his set of dogmas and attitude to life. People in relation to such people are often mistaken in their expectations and are surprised to find in them zeal and professionalism.

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