Venus in 6th House

Those born with their Venus, the planet of love, in their 6th house are fond of routine. They want to be surrounded by harmony, and for everything to run smoothly in order to be happy. They are willing to do the extra work to make their life this way. This position shows a person that takes a great deal of pride in their actions. They are very committed what they see as their ‘duty’ in whatever they do.

When it comes to work, they are above average workers and enjoy making things orderly and presentable. They love to organize and set things into place. This house is ruled by Virgo, which can sometimes be a perfectionist. They may either expect those they love to be perfect or expect of themselves to be perfect, but none will even suffice with this attitude. They want someone that fits in their daily routine, and makes their daily routine enjoyable.

Someone that adds too much negativity, stress, or even excess emotion can turn this person off. They do have a huge need for sharing themselves and their skills. When they love someone, they may not be extremely verbal in expressing it, but they will do many tangible things for them to show the person that they love them. They quite literally use their actions to speak for their heart.

With an unevolved Venus in the 6th house, this person may expect their lover to do everything FOR them and not feel loved if their lover doesn’t ‘take care’ of them or show their love in a tangible way. It can swing both ways, but most people are the first mentioned, wanting to be of service more than anything else. They believe that being useful is the best way to find love. They must realize though, that by giving too much of themselves they can be taken advantage of.

Venus in the 6th don’t tend to be pushovers and are very realistic in their approach to love, but can be blindsided with manipulation if they have low self esteem, doing everything in their power to keep their lover by providing for them. This is not love. Finding someone to appreciate what you do for them is a better option. As well as mutual helpfulness. You can find self love by catering to your own needs and not punishing yourself for not being perfect.

Venus in the 6th House

Such a person develops excellent relationships with colleagues, as he tends to provide services and help to everyone. He wants others to respect his particular habits. Often works in a women’s team. Labor is associated with art, in any case, it must certainly bring pleasure. Such a person prefers to work in cleanliness and comfort. Lucky as an intermediary and always ready to help others. Success is possible in counseling and in the field of health care. Good health, balanced character, beautiful clothes and quality food are of particular importance to him. When the planet is damaged, large amounts of sugar and carbohydrates must be avoided. At the same time, there is a tendency to excessive pleasures and difficulties in adapting to routine situations that require endurance and self-discipline. It is not uncommon for these people to develop romantic relationships at work. Often their service is public and is associated with a wide range of acquaintances. They often prefer social welfare and cultural work.

They love their work, work harmoniously with employees and superiors. They strive to make working conditions comfortable, they tend to decorate the workplace. Possible marriage with a colleague. The talent of the designer and the tendency to dress very beautifully are often noted. They love to tinker with pets. Health improves significantly after marriage, if there is no self-indulgence and no inclination to indulge in excess. Such people should exercise common sense and prudence in everything, avoiding any extremes, in particular, in the consumption of food and drinks. Making a profit is often associated with taking advantage of other people’s opportunities. Success is possible in hygiene, caring for sick people and children. Work should always be enjoyable and interesting. They are loyal subordinates who know how to provide a useful service on time and perfectly receive guests. Such people do not tolerate prolonged stress, prolonged overwork can lead to the appearance of chronic diseases.

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