6 House in Virgo

A person who has a 6th house in Virgo in his horoscope, very carefully and accurately performs his work. But it is worth mentioning that for him the process is much more important than the result. Sometimes interest in work is exhausted even before its completion: sometimes due to lack of time, at times the interest in the results of labor is simply lost; it happens that the process hinders the need to find out all the details.

Such people can start acting in a certain mood. Taking on any task, they clearly feel their responsibility. They rarely cross the boundaries of service relations. They are very responsible for issues related to rational nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. These people tend to master new tools in order to fully reveal their functionality. They receive an incomparable pleasure from working out small details, grinding and bringing the subject to perfection.

Often a person with a 6 house in Virgo throws a job unfinished precisely because he can not stop working through details. Low development leads to the fact that he is completely indifferent to work because of the inability to complete what he started: he is burdened by the feeling that the work will never end. If there is a high development, a person becomes a professional in his business, most responsibly suitable to the task.

People of this type feel healthy if they are firmly convinced that their body is in an ideal condition: in order to be sure of this, they regularly review their language, check for fresh breath and monitor the uninterrupted operation of all body systems. In addition, they consider themselves to be excellent diagnosticians, periodically discovering various diseases and abnormalities. Every day choosing food or caring for a diet in case of illness, they rely entirely on their intuition. The most effective means to overcome the disease are, as a rule, mud baths, infusions of grasses and other methods peculiar to the elements of the Earth.

This person carefully performs his work, he is accurate and accurate, even in small things. He may be interested in scientific developments, dietology and mechanics. Such people have a natural craving for historical sciences, structuring and ordering. Despite his impatience and nervousness, he is ready to come to the aid of all the suffering. Its energy requires a decent application, otherwise it will go into a negative direction, undermining health and causing feelings of dissatisfaction. It is necessary to monitor the diet in order to avoid serious problems with the liver and digestive tract.

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