7 House in Aquarius

The seventh house in Aquarius means, in a marriage union with a partner, these people need some independence. Entering into all sorts of companion relations, they negotiate the abandonment of a sufficient area of freedom for themselves. To people, in general, are good, willingly worried about others. They instinctively try to occupy the main place in the union, for example, at the expense of all that are constantly ready to help others.

In marriage โ€” a person with a 7th house in Aquarius, without a good reason, constantly wants to know everything about everything and everyone that happens in family life. Sometimes from one time the family life of this person does not add up. In general, all of its partnerships are built not on mutual dependence and the power of the ostentation, but on friendly and free grounds, which in our time is not so easy to establish. Sometimes such a person simply crosses the law, and even without noticing it.

The enemies of this man are usually resourceful and intelligent, like himself. True, in the battle and him, and they lack the consistency and practicality in combat battles. They rather lead the battle of the intellects and the battle of minds, rather than the physical battle. The main thing in a clash is to win the disagreement through extraordinary ingenuity and greater insight. With high growth, such a person is fighting on the side of the camp of the future with dying pieces of the past.

In battles with opponents, these people fly in the clouds, because of which their defense and attack are ineffective. The main thing for them is to track and identify the internal causes of their failures and to find means for a duel with rivals. Then the enemies weaken and lose their activity by themselves.

Such a person loves wise partners, full of unexpected thoughts. During the cooperation, he loves not so much to solve specific problems, how to determine them and come up with ways to solve them. He establishes strong friendships with his companions, which often causes misunderstanding on the side of the partner in marriage. Willingly admits he is in love, but most often he understands something very special under this word. His views on the responsibilities and marriage partners in it are quite relevant and based on mutual loyalty. He is looking for a partner who would be able to stimulate him intellectually.

The partner must be a real friend, and not be afraid of his independence and not be afraid to seem an individualist. At the same time, such a person is a dominant and strong person, and when he gets what he wants, he tries to change his partner, while he can find someone who could really dominate. This all creates the preconditions for falls and ups in the marriage. If you can find a partner that meets the ultra-high "lionโ€™s" requirements, then he will become the best friend and the most important person.

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