7 House in Cancer

The seventh house in Cancer means that such a person is too emotionally connected with a partner who will be inclined to give him the same. Extremely sensitive to your friends and surrounding people. Highly susceptible to what is going in his direction from family members. This person prefers marital communication — business communication. He is constantly trying to avoid social obligations, which he absolutely does not like. Of course, all the time trying to draw in the circle of their actions, as many people as possible, aiming at their own preferences.

In cooperation, the corporate foundation is strongly manifested. Such a person feels all the internal laws, with a rather cool attitude, both formal and external. He always suspects all his enemies in terrible cunning, and perceives their threats rather painfully. Himself, he is even capable of exceptionally subtle and competent intrigue, which sometimes works perfectly. True, such tricks lead him into a state of constant fear. Then it will become hate.

The owner of the 7th house in Cancer seeks to always win, while remaining in the shadows, and to hinder the enemy, skillfully applying the hidden techniques of secret politics. In the team, this person is taciturn, vulnerable, cautious, caring, considerate and attentive. It is not easy to overcome his suspicion of associates, because even after many years of testing the partner in the business, he always fears himself in the weak spot. Sufficiently fastidious to a partner, which often leads to painful breaks in the relationship.

With a low development of character, such people tend to betray their companions, with high-exceptional demand, first of all to themselves and complete reliability in common affairs. In their family, these people are inclined to create paradise atmosphere for their loved ones, but in the soul — being jealous of everyone. In addition, such people are often in energy dependence on their neighbors and imperceptibly shift their responsibilities to them.

Having deep emotional needs, this person always wants to find a partner who values the family and can provide it well. Such a man looks in his partner for the image of the mother, and the woman sees her partner as a father. Often, such women fall in love with a fairly passive and very affectionate men.

Such a person looks very closed, but in secret — he wants popularity and active work in the team. He always delicately feels what people need, and therefore can succeed in this field. If, however, he does not make his own career, it will simply provide irreplaceable assistance to the partner in solving any problems.

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