7 House in Capricorn

The seventh house in Capricorn means that such a person in communication and alliances enters cautiously and with restraint. With a large congestion of a multi-audience, he becomes shy. The congestion of people horrifying him, so he avoids such conditions, preferring small in terms of the number of participants in the company. All contracts he carries out through proxies, the number of which is strictly limited.

In a marriage, people with the 7th house in Capricorn usually come late, carefully and carefully, having weighed all the "cons" and "pros". Happens in a non-free life they are connected for reasons of prestige. In conjugal relationships, consistently and thoroughly built, such people try to strengthen their spiritual, social and financial situation.

Enemies of this person come across solid, serious and practical. They are not in a hurry, but they also do not miss a good opportunity to carry out their hostile action. This is all they need to learn, overcoming their own natural vulnerability and inherent emotional susceptibility. In combat, this person lacks imagination, he shows excessive asceticism and high practicality, he is too mundane imagining his opponent. Perhaps the emergence of a persistent terror against the enemy, or a misconception about his omnipotence.

Often these people, deep in their souls, are afraid of their enemies and suddenly give up positions when the enemy is ready for an exhausting and long struggle. Often such people are good tacticians and fine strategists, however, laziness will prevent them from applying all these abilities. In relations with partners they are cold and somewhat reserved, prim and practical, laconic and economical. They almost always prefer to concede direct companions to their companions, and they do not hurry to accept the views of their colleagues — they just put up with them, and then only for a while.

Probable partners such people choose for a long time and conduct through all sorts of trials. They are located to pay attention to the outer, and not to the spiritual dignity of the neighbor. Obviously, they lack emotionality in intimate relationships, so living with them is a bit boring, if only they do not work purposefully and consciously.

Such a person is looking for an adult partner who could teach his determination in himself. But here in the resolution of heart questions is not particularly open. He wants to be loved, but he doubts the naturalness of the confessions of his neighbors. It is not easy for him to take and give at the same time. If someone frankly offers him his love, he is inclined to hide his feelings, for him the choice is not easy.

A late marriage union is possible, aspiration to find a mature partner is expressed. If the role of guardian and defender is formed, it can even come to a young partner. This person is inclined to at least somehow restrain his partner, or he feels himself to be limited, due to any fundamental duty to another person.

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