Chiron in 7th House

This shows your deepest wound residing in close relationships. It can physically manifest through parental divorces or the parents having a rough relationship. It can also show lack of closeness with the parents while growing up. In turn, this can lead the native toward uneasy feelings regarding relationships. You may feel unwanted or rejected by those you wish to form close partnerships with and therefor avoid them all together. With this being so, you have great insight into relationships and can easily detect problems in others’ relationships and show them how to remedy them.

For yourself though, you may feel blinded or cursed. You fear being abandoned. You need loyalty and commitment in a relationship, and confidence in those, in order to be happy. But the key to truly being happy, despite the outside factors, is to get over the fear of rejection. You can do this by learning how to be alone. You must cure this Chiron placement by kneeling to it, and in this case, that is kneeling to yourself and coming to an understanding that you are all you need.

Chiron in the 7th House

Individuals with Chiron in the 7th house have had experience of the cruelty we humans can inflict on those we claim to love and care for. These individuals are often put off settling down and committing to a relationship as adults because of this. They have seen what damage can be done and have no intention of inflicting that on innocent children. These individuals have learnt the hard way that it can be dangerous to believe that “love is all you need”; “true love is forever and conquers all”; “true lovers are united”; “love is irreplaceable and exclusive”; and “love is pure and can do no evil”.

The uncompromising aspect of ideal love refers to the lover’s own attitude toward the beloved: this attitude cannot accept “maybe,” “to a certain extent”, or “gradually” as adequate loving terms. Ideal love is unconditional in the sense that reality cannot change it; accordingly, it disregards reality and considers love to be beyond the reach of mundane altering events. It is also unconditional in the sense of willingness to give everything to the beloved. Love may be “many splendid things,” but love also hurts a lot, can be dangerous, and may lead us to foolish deeds.

These individuals are easily moved to protect the victims of abuse and they are sometimes open to abuse by those who play the victim. They know that emotional damage inflicted on others is difficult to overcome and are good at helping those people overcome their insecurities, they are good listeners and take the time to understand people and get to know them. They are good at focusing attention on the individual that needs it the most.

When Uranus was in Libra in 1637 Descartes uttered the famous words, I think therefore I am. Perhaps because they are known by everybody now that many have little understanding of the power of those words and the effects they had, cognition is not gender specific and Descartes statement was radical for women and those of certain sexual orientations.

This meeting of minds as equals is still at the core of the energy of Libra and the 7th house and these individuals with Chiron in there are pioneers like Descartes who seek to see beyond gender and social stereotypes in their relationships and this makes them vulnerable to criticism from those who do not want to see the status quo challenged.

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