7 House in Gemini

The seventh house in Gemini — means, partner and friendly relations with such a person are extremely fickle. In marriage, they come in many times, because they love new feelings. They prefer to act themselves, at their own discretion, skillfully attracting cunning, agile and enterprising people. They have the ability to create extensive social connections using all their business contacts. Intellectual persons love to help them, because such cooperation is always full of surprise, sharpness and freshness.

In all partner relations of the person with the 7th house in Gemini, they strive to match the minds. The principle of this person is perfectly combined with his mind, and this is manifested in increased social contact. This type of people prefer those partners who share all their ideas. With their enemies, they prefer not to fight, but to fight. And although their enemies are cunning and rather inventive, they can not be overcome by insidiousness or treachery. Enemies can be surpassed only by attention, discernment and generosity.

There are many enemies and it is difficult for them to learn anything worthwhile, because they are too superficial and inconsistent. This person likes to hit the enemy more intellectually than physically. He is witty, rather piquant and irresistibly accurate in all his comments and comments. He simply has no equal either in disputes or in argumentative debates. This is quite a virtuoso demagogue, who is able to persuade the opponent convincingly every nonsense. He adores more even mental thoughts than real battles. In partnership, it is able to distribute the entire load so that it does not have any business left for it. The conjugal relationship is full of reasoning and interpretation.

If this is a high development, then a smart, energetic and versatile companion grows up, with whom it does not get bored. The freedom-loving nature of this person requires an intelligent, sensitive and compassionate partner. Very rarely happens, but sometimes it happens that such people are in love.

In personal relationships, the age of the partner, his social, financial position, do not mean anything. More important are sincere support and respect. These people do not know how to get angry for a long time, they think that they live by themselves and are obliged to let others live. They can succeed in legal activities, in the work with the public, in the arts or in the theatrical field.

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