7 House in Libra

The seventh house in Libra — these people very often bind themselves by marriage in haste, hastily and hastily, which is the starting point of years of disputes and misunderstandings. They tend to choose very patient and meek partners who are good at communicating with others. Everywhere and in everything, they want to show themselves to people from the best side. Attitude to their conjugal and partner duties, this type is easy, but without crossing that important boundary, beyond which begins non-compliance.

People with the 7th house in Libra are more aesthetes than realists and pragmatists. They always strive for equilibrium in any relationship with their enemies or in harmony with their partners. For their enemies they need to learn the objectivity and elegance of versatility. It is very important to overcome in oneself this disparaging attitude towards all your enemies, both internal and external.

In relations with their partners, there is often a lot of gossip and talk, for example: about the fair and proper distribution of their duties, spheres of influence and responsibility. There is such a tendency as to shy away from work, but to this person it always seems that his partners actually do so.

Only with sufficient high development — relations are established fairly fair and harmonious relations with beautiful and intelligent partners. In such a marriage there is a surplus of empty vacillations and conversations. In cooperation, this person should learn, and after making a decision, it is necessary to introduce it into reality without unnecessary discussion. In search of his partner, such a subject is constantly in the midst of society, presenting them with rather high demands and at the same time examining and discussing people. Because he just needs a soft and kind partner.

Sometimes, these partnerships require from him, a lot of effort, and this is considerably tiring. He is quite sentimental and adores art. Despite all his demands, the perfect partner for this subject is the person who will be able to accept him exactly as he is and who will probably be proud of. These people, as a rule, are too attached to the surrounding society and the world, which allows them to become well-known leaders.

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