Mars in 7th House

Those born with their natal Mars in the 7th House bring the combative and fiery energies of Mars into the Venus Love Goddess’s playground. These individuals pour enormous resources into their relationships and attract those who share their intellectual aggression and fiery social spirit.

Mars indicates where we draw infinite bounce, provoke conflict and generate progression; and when placed in the 7th House cosmic dating agency relates to tremendous sexual energies, relationships in chaos and tensions around interpersonal collaboration. Social affluence and success may come from their marital partner.

Mars in the 7th House are drawn to individuals who are equally flammable and impassioned, and enjoy stimulating debate for the sensuality of exercising their own intellect. Many of their close social encounters may arouse maelstrom and much of their life’s lessons relate to learning how to avoid conflict and promote harmonious relationships.

There may be inflamed dealings around acquaintances, colleagues, business partners and they will tend to challenge every opinion that fails to mirror theirs. Mars here can indicate lifetimes of threat to ones public image and a forest fire wherever they step into ground with others. They will tend to attract partners that share their arduous spirit for life and commit only to those who can keep up with them physically, mentally and emotionally. Relationships may be characterised by frequent temperamental outbursts, disputes and relentless competitiveness. Kidney ailments may be present.

Mars in the 7th House require numerous outlets for their tremendous energy streaks and may partake in brutal sports or martial arts. There is the possibility of an early marriage and the undertaking of professions relating to business, agency work, personal training, escort work, law or dentistry. These individuals tend to be immensely curious minded and look for connections with that rare person who can outwit them or stimulate their intellect.

Mars in the 7th House personalities are magnetic in their interpersonal attraction and emanate an invigorating, replenishing mental and social energy; and with the planet of war, volatility and conflict mentoring them through Venus’s territory, relationships are sure to be filled with flamethrowing and forest fires.

Mars in the 7th House

You have tremendous sexual energy—like the Energizer bunny, you keep going and going...! You need a partner who challenges you. In fact, someone who holds his/her own in an argument turns you on. Your close personal relationships are a source of conflict in your life, and you tend to pick partners who bring out the most aggressive side of your nature.

In order for your love life to be more peaceful and satisfying, you will need to cultivate the art of compromise. Avoid a tendency to jump into altercations with others without first making a genuine effort to understand their point of view.

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