7 House in Pisces

The seventh house in Pisces means that the partner opens up new areas of interest to these people, helps them to perceive others more widely and reveals the wealth of the world of sensations. Such people attract the others to themselves hypnotically, and they themselves strive for the natures deep and mysterious. They are striving in business cooperation and marital relations to discover something important and profound, as well as realize a deep inclination towards guardianship and patronage. They very accurately and subtly feel any situation, however, they do not always react tactfully to it.

A major role in the selection of companions is personal antipathy and sympathy. They, in the performance of contractual relations, as usual, are demanding of the others, but not to themselves. In general, they tend to avoid direct responsibility. Any pressure on themselves they endure very hard and painful.

Open enemies in a person with a 7th house in Pisces may not be, at least, they do not strike the eye, but many often fail and deceive, without producing significant attacking actions. Struggle occurs on the principle of "a knife in the back" — there is no question of any "open visor". The enemies are unobtrusive, soft, slippery and the nature of the connections with them is constantly changing, so they are not easy to track and notice.

As a partner, this person is at first pretty attractive, soft, soft and gentle. He does not contradict colleagues as much as he adapts to them. Unfortunately, later it turns out that the argument goes against his behavior. For example, not having fulfilled his obligations, he openly convinces his partner that he did not give them to them.

The activity of the group is perceived by this person in a distorted form and is vague and vague. In partnership, there are a lot of emotions, illusions, false pity, manipulation and mysterious misunderstandings. Only diligent work on yourself will lead to reliable love, mutual assistance, and also deep sensitive interactions.

Such a person is looking for an idealistic and impractical partner who will offer him sympathy and support. A marriage with an invalid or alcoholic is possible, which will give him a sad shade. At the same time, it is possible to find a real knight on a horse — and someone else will not be able to come up. Because of his predisposition to criticism, as well as "searching for a needle in a haystack," he will face countless difficulties when it comes to dealing with other people. Balanced, good judgment will help him get rid of certain credulity, mainly when it comes to other people.

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