7 House in Sagittarius

The seventh house in Sagittarius means that these people tend to give great importance to the selection of a partner on the principle of high ideality. They are very focused on the ethical, ideological and religious-philosophical advantages of the companion. Their connections with the society are stable and harmonious, and they usually choose partners as pleasant, promising and reliable. In general, all their connections — from family to political — are formed, usually, successfully, although all this does not eliminate the possibility of a second marriage.

If you need to part with someone, then this person tries not to continue the business to the true gap, but he knows how to save a pleasant relationship in the future. In the partnership and partner relations, he tries to lead the others behind him, even if it requires him to take on a share of their workload.

People with the 7th house in Sagittarius are usually law-abiding, when the situation does not suit them at all, they tend to change the laws themselves. This is a strong, accurate, intrepid and fast warrior, which causes enemies to feel an overwhelming fear. At low development, he is inclined to be praised by exaggerated and imaginary triumphs over enemies. His enemies, although numerous, but still rarely hit the target, only succeeding in charting for the person the course in which he is obliged to strengthen his defense. As a partner, he is cheerful, pleasant, optimistic and cheerful, sometimes very much.

Such a person is inclined to take a lot on himself. He always strives to fulfill his promises to the others. If this fails, he quietly writes off the failure on objective circumstances or transforms cares for a partner. In general, with him is better in fun than in sadness. With such a loved one, it’s hard to miss. He constantly laughs and rejoices at the return of the spouse to the dwelling, which is very adorned by the marriage union. True, in difficult moments there is clearly a lack of judgment, but in moments of conflict, the conflict may turn out to be more traumatic than either of them would like. He is so curious, friendly and expressive that he sincerely adores many people, that’s why it’s hard for him to love one person.

He does not want to limit himself and bind himself. The more freedom he has in his marriage, the more he will be happy, and the longer the marriage will last. Probably several marriages. Friendship is more important than sex and love, and he will appreciate that partner who understands this. If he manages to find a real partner and does not go early to the marriage union, he will idealize the person with whom he cohabits, and will try to please him in everything.

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